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Silver Light Looking West

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Silver Light Looking West

Screen Print on Somerset paper
29cm x 73cm

This print is the view from my house looking west towards Fife. The image started as a drawing in my sketchbook: there was an evening when the light was wonderful - soft silvery tones, and deep black silhouettes of the groynes on the beach. I knew I wanted to try to recreate it in print, so as soon as I could afterwards, I went to Edinburgh Printmakers' to see if I could translate it into a screenprint. The darkest layer is an enlarged copy of my original drawing, and each of the other tones are separate stencils I made in gradating shades of grey. However, to get the particular quality of light, I realised I needed something to lift it a little, so there is a bright yellow printed under all the other layers to give it the zing it needs.

Please note that this is a handmade print and there may be slight variations in the edition. Each piece is unique!