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Golden Light Looking East

Golden Light Looking East

Screen Print on Somerset paper
29cm x 73cm

This is a print of Portobello beach. I wanted to try to capture the particular quality of the evening light as it catches the buildings as the sun is setting. It was surprisingly difficult to do in a screenprint - this print has about 24 layers on it. In painting, you can keep adding washes and layer colour until you get what you want. With screenprinting, you need to make a separate stencil for each of the colours you want to print - this meant that for every colour I wanted, I had to make a painting in black onto acetate, and then expose this on to my screen. This created an open area of mesh through which I could print. I would then need to decide what colour I wanted to print, print it on and see if it gave me the desired effect. It was very laborious, but once I had done it, I was very pleased with the effect.

Please note that this is a handmade print and there may be slight variations in the edition. Each piece is unique!