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Towards East Lothian

Towards East Lothian

Linocut on Somerset paper
22cm x 47cm

This is part of a series of prints I made during the Covid-19 Lockdown. I was limited in terms of where I could go and what I could do, so I decided to convert a small craft press die cutting machine into a small printing press. I experimented with lino cuts and made prints of subjects that were very close to home.

During lockdown I set myself the challenge of making a drawing a day from somewhere within 1km from home. Far from being limited, it ended up being an incredibly eye-opening experience and I found myself drawing in all sorts of places I had never seen before! We had recently got a dog at Christmas (I know a puppy is for life etc etc) and so we found ourselves going on walks we didn't even know were there. This view is taken from one of them - we discovered you can walk all the way from Portobello to Musselburgh on the rocks and beach. We'd lived here for nearly 13 years and had never realised this! It is a brilliant walk and I love the way you can see the yachts at the harbour in the distance.