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Fun Park

Fun Park

Screen Print on Somerset paper.
25cm x 76cm

I live in a seaside area of Edinburgh called Portobello. When I had children, I found I was very limited in where I could go and what I could draw - I used to go to far flung places, and now I could barely get out to the shops! But then I remembered a famous quote by the artist William Turner who said 'there's a sketch at every turn'. He meant that inspiration could be found anywhere, and I began to see there were endless subjects right on my doorstep.

This image is of an amusements arcade that used to be on the Promenade. It was pretty decrepit and as I used to push the pram up and down past this building. I loved the way it was called FunPark, but looked more like a nuclear power station from the USSR. However, it was fun and there used to be an indoor rollerblading rink and all kinds of games. By the time my children were old enough to go, it had been knocked down and flats built on the land. I like to think this print is a kind of documentation of what was there, but also a comment on the nature of appearance - sometimes things are not all they seem from the outside.

Please note that this is a handmade print and there may be slight variations in the edition. Each piece is unique!